emm..izinkan dell menggunakan “aku” di entri kali ini.

luahan rasa yg berada sangat jauh di dasar tubuh badan ini..dasar ke?

try la selami.owh.


“hati kering”..selalu diperkatakan kepadaku oleh kwn2 ku.

sangat kering kah?

aku merindu.aku mencinta.aku menyayang.

kering ke macam tu?

idk..just wanna be me.

im a simple human being.

yes,sometimes i become an emotional person.

sometimes i dont mind n dont even care what is happening around me.

just like i dont care about other people.

so what?do they really care about me?

“u have to think about urself 1st,then others”

the quote above sometimes harus di ikuti.should i?


so,is it wrong  if i dont care what other peoples think about me?

i just wanna have my privacy.

so.stop calling me “hati kering”

or maybe i’m like dat because of u?
who knows rite?

start thinking now 🙂

u will find the answer.


.: dell :.

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  1. 1

    nappe nie dear..namo cedey2 tau….thayang dell…..nnt akak kawen dtg tau..muah…

  2. 2

    cicun said,

    huhu..xde la akak..

    luahan hati je..

    ala akak..bln 8 dell kat labuan..

    uwaa….nnt upload gmbar ye..

    mau tgk n komen..hee 😀


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